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Bernardo Espinosa, BS

Research Analyst


Bernardo Espinosa is Research Analyst at The Data Center. Bernardo has expertise in data management, data simulations, statistical analysis, engineering, and financial modeling.

Bernardo joined The Data Center in 2016 with a special interest in the connection between regional economics, policy, and data. Prior to The Data Center, Bernardo led the development of the engineering side of a UAS (drone) company, where he built and optimized business practices focused on land surveying and 3D modeling.

Bernardo graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Management Science and Engineering – Operations Research with a focus on mathematical modeling. There he conducted research on how to increase the energy efficiency of transistors within computer chips, as well as financial modeling to determine the optimal placement of R&D departments within large organizations. His final research project centered on modeling the emerging Telehealth market.





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