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Definitions: Parish Voting

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Voting (2004)

Registered Voters: To register to vote you must be a United States citizen, be at least 17 years old but must be 18 years old prior to next election to vote, not be under an order of imprisonment for conviction of a felony, not be under a judgment of interdiction for mental incompetence, and reside in the state and parish in which you seek to register. (R.S. 18:101)

% of population 18 and older registered to vote: The percent of the total population of persons 18 and older who are registered voters.

Affiliation by political party

Democrats (% of total): Persons registered as Democrats.

Republicans (% of total): Persons registered as Republicans.

Other (% of total): Persons registered as other than Democrat or Republican.

Source links:

Louisiana Dept of Elections and Registrations. State Wide Report of Registered Voters as of September 24, 2004 (Active & Inactive).
From this page we used the Statewide report for active and inactive voters combined.

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