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This information is pre-Katrina.
Although the information linked from this page is out-of-date, we are continuing to make it available, as it provides insight about this district pre-Katrina.

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New Aurora – is it in Planning District 12 or 13?

The small triangle of land generally known as New Aurora (just west of the Intercoastal Waterway) is a separate Census tract that is sometimes included in the Old Aurora neighborhood in District 12, and other times included in with English Turn in District 13.

Neighborhood health data published on this web site was gathered in 1998, based on boundaries then in place at NO City Planning. Those boundaries differ from the current planning boundaries used by NOCP.

To allow for easier comparison of data, we have kept the 1998 boundaries, which have New Aurora and English Turn being in the same neighborhood.

If your service area includes New Aurora in with Old Aurora, contact us for help in getting data for that geography. You can do so by filling out this Technical Assistance Request form.

About neighborhood boundaries:
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New Aurora/English Turn District (Planning District 13)

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