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This information is pre-Katrina.
Although the information linked from this page is out-of-date, we are continuing to make it available, as it provides insight about this neighborhood pre-Katrina.

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Census 2000
Data Tables:

People & Household Characteristics

Housing & Housing Costs

Income & Poverty



Educational Attainment

Immigration & Language


Neighborhood Characteristics


Florida Area Neighborhood

“The Florida neighborhood has great significance in civil rights history because it was here in 1960 that Ruby Bridges, a 6-year-old African American child attended a “whites only” elementary school escorted by federal marshals in order to enforce the country’s new integration laws. Today approximately 98% of the residents in the Florida neighborhood are African American. Primarily working class, almost 60% of the residents own the homes in which they live (Census 2000). ” [Read more in the Neighborhood Snapshot]

Street map with links to nearby neighborhoods:

  [ Census tract and zip code boundary maps ]

Census 2000 Data Tables: People & Household CharacteristicsHousing & Housing Costs, Income & Poverty, Transportation, Employment, Educational Attainment, Immigration & Language, Disabilities, Neighborhood Characteristics

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