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This information is pre-Katrina.
Although the information linked from this page is out-of-date, we are continuing to make it available, as it provides insight about this neighborhood pre-Katrina.

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Census 2000
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Neighborhood Characteristics


Marigny Neighborhood

“In 1975, when the Faubourg Marigny was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, the neighborhood began a surge of revitalization. According to New Orleans City Business’ January 2002 profile of the neighborhood: 'On the one hand, new investment in the area over the last 20 years has almost eliminated blighted housing ... and driven property values skyward. On the other, gentrification that has pushed lower-income residents out of the neighborhood and new commercial development pressures threaten to change the character of the district, some say. ‘It’s a lot less blue-collar than it used to be,’ says Julian Mutter, a Marigny homeowner since the late 1970s. Now, there are more artists, gay couples and retirees than dockworkers, shopkeepers and young families, he says.'[Read more in the Neighborhood Snapshot]

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Census 2000 Data Tables: People & Household CharacteristicsHousing & Housing Costs, Income & Poverty, Transportation, Employment, Educational Attainment, Immigration & Language, Disabilities, Neighborhood Characteristics

Home >> Pre Katrina Home >> Orleans Parish >> Bywater District >> Marigny



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