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1. Ida Bell proves the need for lead poisoning education in her neighborhood

In this fictional (but realistic) story, see the process that one might go through in creating a persuasive Statement of Need for a grant proposal.

The purpose of this story is to provide an example of how one might go about collecting information to prove the need for a certain activity in their neighborhood.

You already know that data can be very persuasive in proving the need for services. But you may wonder where can you go to get relevant and persuasive data, how to best present that data, and how a funder might respond to the data you present. This story illuminates answers to those questions.

It’s fun to read and it’ll only take you about 15 minutes. So dive in.

  1. Introduction (this page)
  2. Tragedy hits Ida Bell’s neighborhood
  3. Researching the issue
  4. Building on local organizations
  5. Learning more about grants
  6. Looking for data
  7. “Think like a funder”
  8. Need – compared to what?
  9. Final draft of Mrs. Bell’s needs assessment
  10. The End!

Start here: Tragedy hits Ida Bell’s neighborhood
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Home  Lead Poisoning Case Study

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