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5. Learning more about grants

The grants Mrs. Bell had gotten before were pretty simple. She just filled out a form. But after what she’d read on the CDC website, Mrs. Bell could tell that lead poisoning was a much more complicated business.

Although she’d acted confident in front of Mrs. Jackson, she wasn’t so sure that she could easily get a grant for lead poisoning and she decided she needed to find out more about it.


A starting place on the web for New Orleans area nonprofits

Community WebLink links to the best local and national resources for nonprofits writing grants.

She asked around at school, and several people mentioned that the Center for Nonprofit Resources offered workshops in grant writing. She signed up for their next “Basic Grantwriting” class.

Wow! There sure was more to grantwriting than filling out a couple forms! Mrs. Bell was almost overwhelmed by everything she learned at the class. It was hard to know where to start.

At the workshop, she learned about a place to start on the web looking for help in writing grants and such. It's called Community WebLink. She also learned that grant proposals are made up of different sections, and the first step seemed to be the needs assessment, so she decided to start with that.

The one thing they said over and over was, “put data and numbers in your needs assessment.” And they handed out a sheet from the Community Data Center that had some great tips on what kind of data is most effective in needs assessments.

What data do funders want to see in Problem Statements? Quick tips on what types of numbers are helpful and not helpful for funders when they're assessing how much need there is for the program you're proposing.

She gave this a good looking over.

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