2020 Census Real-Time Response Map

What are 2020 Census Real-Time Response Rates?

As people respond to the 2020 Census online, by phone, or by mail, the Census Bureau is calculating the percentage of households that have self-responded in each census tract. This data is being updated daily through mid-May, then 5 days a week until at least the end of July. For technical details of how the Census Bureau is calculating response rates, read Tracking 2020 Census Progress in “Real Time.”

See how your neighborhood is doing compared to others. Then call your neighbors to make sure they have completed the census. For more on how to complete the Census read our 2020 Census Frequently Asked Questions.

What is “Hard-To-Count”?

Based on the 2010 response rates of various demographic groups, the Census Bureau has predicted which groups within a region are least likely to respond or be counted in the upcoming 2020 Census. For the technical explanation of Hard-to-Count, read The Low Response Score (LRS): A Metric to Locate, Predict, and Manage Hard-to-Survey Populations.


The Data Center wishes to thank the Ford Foundation, Entergy Corporation, Power Coalition, and Urban League of Louisiana for their generous support of this 2020 Census Hard-To-Count Map.