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Lamar Gardere, BS, MSCS

Executive Director

Lamar Gardere is Executive Director. Lamar is responsible for guiding The Data Center’s mission of democratizing data into realistic action, ensuring quality standards and the ongoing impact of the organization. In addition, he is responsible for leading The Data Center’s ongoing efforts to transform local culture to one that embraces data as an intrinsic component of sound decisionmaking.

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Allison Plyer, BA, MBA, ScD

Chief Demographer

Allison Plyer is Chief Demographer. Dr. Plyer is author of The New Orleans Index series, developed in collaboration with the Brookings Institution to analyze the state of the New Orleans recovery and later to track the region’s progress toward prosperity.

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Dabne Whitemore, BA, MA

Development and Finance Director

Dabne Whitemore is Development and Finance Director. Dabne provides day-to-day leadership of internal operations to help staff and board sustainably deliver on high impact goals. This is realized by overseeing systems of fund development, fiscal management, technology infrastructure, emergency management, and risk management.

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Robert Habans, PhD


Dr. Robert Habans is The Data Center’s Economist. As the organization’s lead expert on local and regional economic analysis, Dr. Habans is primarily responsible for developing and conducting research projects that focus on economic development and workforce development, water management and coastal resilience, inclusive economic growth, and related topics.

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Jenna Losh, BS, MA

Data Analyst

Jenna Losh is a Data Analyst at The Data Center. Jenna’s skills include statistical and predictive modeling and optimization.

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Rachel Weinstein, BS, MPH

Senior Data Analyst

Rachel Weinstein is a Senior Data Analyst at The Data Center. Rachel has expertise in the management and analysis of population data relating to health and equity.

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Katrina Andry - Project and Publications ManagerKatrina Andry, BA, MFA

Project and Publications Manager

Katrina Andry is Project and Publication Manager. Katrina ensures smooth execution of projects and initiatives from beginning to end by providing daily support, as well as continuous quality assurance and improvements.

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Donald J Asay Jr., BA, MA

Program Manager

Don Asay is The Data Center’s Program Manager. Don provides day-to-day management of youth-related data and analysis and oversees the administration of the IMPACT Fellowship: Improving Measures & Practices through Action, Coaching, and Training.

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Arthur Rymer, BS, CSM

Data Warehouse Manager
Arthur Rymer is Data Warehouse Manager for The Data Center. Arthur has over 10 years of experience in business intelligence and data warehousing functions.

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Cody Brumfield, BA

Web Developer

Cody Brumfield is The Data Center’s Web Developer. Cody is responsible for web-based products and initiatives ensuring robust functionality that can communicate complex information in interesting, intuitive, and relevant ways.

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Amy Teller, PhD

Gulf Research Program Fellow, Sociologist

Amy Teller is a Gulf Research Program of the National Academies of Sciences (NASEM) Fellow hosted at The Data Center through August 2020. Dr. Teller primarily contributes to The Data Center’s ongoing research on water management and coastal resilience. She also brings her sociological and environmental lens to support expanding this work in new directions.

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Ellen Kujawa, AB, MS, MSc

Gulf Research Program Fellow

Ellen Kujawa is a National Academies of Sciences, Gulf Research Program Fellow hosted at The Data Center through August 2021. Ellen primarily contributes to The Data Center’s work on coastal resilience, water management, and equity.

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Erica Amrine, BA, BS

Erica Amrine is management support for The Data Center. Erica has more than a decade of experience in the start-up and management of non-profit, community, and art oriented organizations and programs.

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Elaine Ortiz, BA, MS

Elaine Ortiz is a consultant for The Data Center. Elaine is expert in economic and demographic data for applied research to support informed decisionmaking and more resilient communities.

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Jake Cowan, BS, MPA

Jake Cowan is a consultant for The Data Center. Jake has nearly 15 years of experience as an analyst, manager and leader in the nonprofit and public sectors.

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