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About Us

The Data Center is the most trusted resource for data about Southeast Louisiana.

We are fully independent and we are experts at bringing data together from multiple sources. In doing so, we are uniquely able to step beyond the limits of analyzing data from just one perspective and take a 360–degree look at issues that matter most to our region from the government, business, nonprofit, and community perspective. In these ways The Data Center realizes its mission to build prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable communities by making informed decisions possible.

The Data Center is as good at getting our data out as we are at putting it together. We put our information together in a way that is easy to understand and to the point. Our reports regularly reach over 100,000 individuals, including neighborhood leaders, members of the media, elected officials, business leaders, and other researchers.

The Data Center’s areas of expertise include disaster recovery, regional economic analysis, workforce development, racial disparity indicators, blight reduction, affordable housing, and coastal population movements.

About This Site

The Data Center makes informed decisions possible, and this website is a primary way in which we do so. We invite you to use this site to find the answer to a very specific question about your neighborhood or for broader analysis about New Orleans and our region.

But don’t stop there. Take the time to explore the site beyond your specific question to see how looking at data from different angles can give you a fuller — and truer — understanding of the issues you care about. For example, you might come here to learn the current status of blight reduction, yet if you browse our full housing section, you’ll also find a report on how income levels and housing markets directly impact neighborhood blight.

At The Data Center, we understand that it’s all connected, and we encourage you to use the information we publish to make that same discovery.