Thomas Wilson

Data Warehouse Manager

Thomas Wilson is the Data Warehouse Manager for The Data Center. Thomas is responsible for the full range of database requirements, including implementation and maintenance of data warehouse environments, extraction and ETL tools, and reporting documentation.

Thomas possesses expert knowledge in database creation and deployment, but, more importantly, understanding how to creatively apply database and data warehousing principles to build innovative solutions supportive of The Data Center’s vision. He ensures the creation and deployment to acquire, transform, and structure data and processes so that the data asset resource is constantly improving in quantity and quality. Most of Thomas’ prior work experience has been as a Database Administrator/Data Warehouse Architect at Fortune 500 corporations in diverse industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Finance, and Telecommunications.

Thomas joined The Data Center team in early 2021. He has taken a leadership role in our cloud platform and in innovating solutions that enable better integration of data engineering and analytic functions, as well as automating our ingress and outflow of data resources, and providing solutions for security, backup and recovery, data inventory and metadata management of our data asset resources. Like the Data Center, he is not afraid to tackle big challenges and dreams of impactful data-driven solutions that improve health, happiness, and quality of life.

Thomas had early exposure to living internationally as a youth, spending parts of his childhood in Canada and Mexico as well as various states in the U.S. His passion project is developing his 400-acre wooded property in upstate New York for future charitable uses. He also enjoys music and is jazzed to be working for a New Orleans-based organization.