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A Profile of Wealth in the New Orleans Metro

Jun 18, 2024

For the first time, Greater New Orleans has detailed local estimates of household wealth! This brief details the estimated distribution of household wealth in the New Orleans metro area by examining differences in wealth by age, race, and other demographic variables.

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Reframing “Wealth” and Activating Data as an Effective Tool for Change

Jun 13, 2024

Over the course of several years The Data Center has engaged in extensive conversations across the country about the “Wealth Gap” because we understand the importance of wealth for community resilience.  But we’ve found that when you start talking about wealth gaps, people often get, “turned off.” The reasons seem to vary depending on the […]

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Changes in household makeup and growth of Asian populations in metro New Orleans

Apr 02, 2024

This brief provides an in-depth look at the growth in Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino and Vietnamese residents in our region, changing homeownership trends and age distribution, as well as growing shares of one-person households and housing being used only seasonally, declining shares of households with children, and the distribution of single-parent households.

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The Coastal Index Dashboard

Nov 27, 2023

The Coastal Index dashboard examines the potential for the water management sector to emerge as a long-lasting driver for the regional economy. Explore the dashboard by clicking the link below.

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Potential Economic Impact of Increasing Income for Black New Orleanians

Sep 13, 2023

Black New Orleanians have incomes well below their peers in comparison Southern metros. This brief quantifies the difference between Black per capita income in the metro areas of New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, Nashville, and Orlando, as well as the estimated increase to Metro New Orleans' GDP if these gaps were closed.

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Toward an equitable blue-green economy in Southeast Louisiana

Apr 05, 2022

Across Southeast Louisiana, investments are being made in coastal and water management and green infrastructure. Leaders have long heralded "water jobs" and "green jobs" for their potential to promote equity and diversify the economy while improving our relationship to the environment.

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New Orleans and the Hollow Prize Problem: Structural Limits on Black Political Power

Jan 10, 2022

Black mayors taking office was the culmination of many political efforts undertaken during the civil rights movement. However, Black mayors began taking office just as many residents were departing for the suburbs, tax revenues were dramatically shrinking, and some powers of the office were being curtailed. Mayors can fight systemic inequity by prioritizing the needs of low-income and working-class residents in their budgets, but in order to meet all residents’ needs, new methods of raising revenue will need to be crafted.

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Population shifts across metro New Orleans

Oct 25, 2021

Metro New Orleans is now "majority minority" — but what does that really mean? This brief explores the changing definition of race in the census and demographic shifts across the metro. We find increasing diversity in every parish, and increasing numbers of people claiming more than one race for the first time.

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