Planning District 2

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Why isn’t the Warehouse District its own neighborhood statistical area ?

To prevent splitting Census tracts, we’ve included the Warehouse District in the Lower Garden District statistical area. So, when you’re looking at this neighborhood statistical area, consider that, as is often the case, it contains pockets of different types of residents and architecture.

Isn’t the St. Thomas Development torn down?

Although the St. Thomas Housing Development has been redeveloped and there is a new housing development called River Garden in that area, the neighborhood statistical area is still closely associated with its old name and its residents are served by the St. Thomas Community Health Center.

Other Housing Developments in this district

The C.J. Peete (now Harmony Oaks) and William J. Guste housing developments are also in Planning District 2 as part of the Central City statistical area.

About neighborhood statistical area boundaries

We’ve chosen the neighborhood statistical area boundaries on this web site to organize and present data. They may not match the boundaries of neighborhood associations, redevelopment corridors, commercial subdivisions, planning efforts, or historic districts. Learn more about how we chose these boundaries…