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Planning District 9

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Little Woods Pines Village Plum Orchard Read Blvd West West Lake Forest Read Blvd East Planning District 6 Planning District 11 Planning District 11 Planning District 10
Where’d these neighborhood statistical area names come from? New Orleans East has relatively new neighborhoods, which also means that there’s been less time for names and boundaries to establish themselves. Add to that a more rural density of housing, and you’ve got neighborhoods named after lakes, streets, and subdivisions that even residents may not have heard of. What is presented here are the neighborhood statistical area designations provided by NO City Planning for the Pre–Katrina Data Center Website. It’s a starting place for discussion, and a geography that aligns with Census tract boundaries so data can be organized into these neighborhood groupings. New Orleans East also includes Planning Districts 10 and 11.

About neighborhood statistical area boundaries

We’ve chosen the neighborhood statistical area boundaries on this web site to organize and present data. They may not match the boundaries of neighborhood associations, redevelopment corridors, commercial subdivisions, planning efforts, or historic districts. Learn more about how we chose these boundaries…