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Planning District 3

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Uptown/Carrollton Map Broadmoor Freret Uptown Audubon West Riverside Dixon Hollygrove Leonidas East Carrollton Black Pearl Marlyville/Fontainebleau Central City/Garden District Mid-City Lakeview
Planning District 3 The Uptown statistical area is actually only a small part of what most people refer to as the “Uptown” area of New Orleans. Although everything from the Garden District to Carrollton is commonly referred to as “Uptown,” this large area actually contains a number of neighborhood statistical areas.

About neighborhood statistical area boundaries

We’ve chosen the neighborhood statistical area boundaries on this web site to organize and present data. They may not match the boundaries of neighborhood associations, redevelopment corridors, commercial subdivisions, planning efforts, or historic districts. Learn more about how we chose these boundaries…