Planning District 7

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St. Roch Marigny Bywater St. Claude Florida Area Desire Devlopment and Neighborhood Planning District 6 Planning District 11 Planning District 4 Planning District 1 Planning District 8
Planning District 7 Note that these neighborhood statistical area boundaries (which must contain complete Census tracts) may differ slightly from boundaries commonly accepted by residents of the neighborhoods. Some key differences we know about…
  1. The dividing street between St. Claude and Bywater is largely Burgundy (and partially St. Claude).
  2. Franklin (rather than Press) divides the Marigny and Bywater.
  3. The Desire Development (now The Estates comprised of Abundance Square, Treasure Village, and New Savoy) and Desire Area statistical areas have been combined into one Desire statistical area to align with 2010 Census tract boundaries.
  4. As of the 2020 data update, The Florida Development and Florida Area statistical areas have been combined into the Florida Area statistical area as a result of the small population size in the Census tract once occupied by the Florida Development.
To learn more about the rationale behind these boundaries, read How is my neighborhood defined? Because many of the neighborhood statistical areas in this district have strange shapes — the “stair-steps” along the St. Roch border and the horseshoe shape of Bywater — it may be valuable to refer to a detailed paper map or an online map when examining these boundaries.

About neighborhood statistical area boundaries

We’ve chosen the neighborhood statistical area boundaries on this web site to organize and present data. They may not match the boundaries of neighborhood associations, redevelopment corridors, commercial subdivisions, planning efforts, or historic districts. Learn more about how we chose these boundaries…